The Success Story The Shadow of the Wind

«The Shadow of the Wind epidemic began in Spain and has already spread to Germany. Now there is a simple question: will the French be able to keep their heads and resist? The answer is even more simple: no, there's no chance at all.» This prediction, which was made by the magazine Lire in the spring of 2004, when the novel was about to be published in France, would apply to all the countries The Shadow of the Wind has reached so far.
In Spain, after spending five years in the bestseller lists and selling two million copies, it has become a cultural landmark. In Germany, a survey showed that readers believe The Shadow of the Wind to be one of the best books of all time. In the United States it received incredibly enthusiastic praise such as this from The Washington Post: «Anyone who loves terrifying, erotic, moving, tragic and suspenseful novels should run to their nearest bookshop and get hold of a copy of The Shadow of the Wind. Seriously. Go.» And in France it was awarded the prize for best foreign novel in 2004.
Similar acclaim rang out from British, Italian and Latin American readers until it sold six million copies throughout the world. So what is 'Zafonmania'? It is the passion for reading unleashed by The Shadow of the Wind, which is still spreading.